Join the conversation

We saw housing rise to the top of the political agenda during the 2015 election. Since then, the Government has made a number of changes to housing policy that will have significant impacts locally and nationally. We are all talking about housing more than ever. The Sheffield Housing Conversations will provide platforms to discuss impacts and explore solutions by hearing about your ideas, opinions and experiences of the issues surrounding housing.

Who’s organising it?

The Sheffield Housing Conversations began with individuals from Sheffield Hallam University, the University of Sheffield, Sheffield City Council, Sheffield Civic Trust and South Yorkshire Housing Association. From special events, such as the Sheffield Housing Festival and a launch of an entire ‘Year of Housing’, in 2015 these organisations initiated conversations around housing in Sheffield. We want anyone who has an interest and may be running an event related to the topic of housing to join us (just contact

Who is it for?

Everyone in Sheffield! We want to discuss housing with younger and older people, community groups, Sheffield residents … if you want to talk about housing, join the conversations!

How will we do this?

Our calendar of events, as well as online (use #TSHConvo) and face-to-face discussions, will bring together individuals and groups who are interested in solutions for Sheffield’s crisis. In our conversations about housing, we’d like to focus on the follow themes:

  • Place-making: neighbourhoods & the city
    • What makes Sheffield unique?
    • What could housing & neighbourhoods do for the city and the city centre? For the economy, for social equity, for the environment?
  • Housing supply
    • How can we build enough homes? What numbers do we need and where will they go?
    • What will these homes be like? What design and sustainability standards should we demand?
    • Who will the homes be for? What do people need and what can they afford?
  • The future
    • How do we change the narrative around social housing both locally and nationally?
    • Do we understand the implications of new national policy for Sheffield?